In 2021, Marc released three music releases, Hand Catches Fire was one of them. Hand Catches Fire includes drum machines, guitars, basses and vocals and includes 14 original songs all written, performed and recorded by Marc.  

You can check it out here on Bandcamp:

Hand Catches Fire tracks include:

1. hand catches fire

2. always pretending

3. the muffled twenties

4. lost in my daydreams

5. my special talent

6. to feel better

7. always trying to wake up but never falling asleep

8. i can't believe anything i tell myself

9. everything is fine

10. so i won't be guessing in the end

11. early 90s summers

12. too close

13. only see you smile in my dreams

14. sorry excuse

Hand Catches Fire (2021 music release)

J. Marc Harding