Author photo from Painkiller Ghosts:

WordWrights!#12 (spring 1998):
Marc's short story "Silent, In A Way" was included on pages 40-42.

Throttle Magazine #156 (summer 1998):
Marc's poem "I Know How The Devil Spends His Weekends" was included in this Summer Reading issue.

Drowning In Sand (2016):

drinkin in the apocalypse (music 2020)

Gardy Loo!Vol. 1, #2 (April 1997):

Marc's short story "Silent, In A Way" and a 4-page comic titled "Satan's A Eunuch" were included. 

WordWrights! #14 (fall 1998):
Marc's poem "The World's Greatest Musician" was included on page 13.

Painkiller Ghosts (2010):

J. Marc Harding

Gardy Loo!Vol. 1, #1 (December 1996):
Marc's short stories "It Already Feels Good" and "The Oaf of the Tennis Court" were both included.  That's Marc second-from-right on the cover.

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drinkin in the apocalypse (2020)

acrylic paintings

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stop me before i say something too real ‚Äč(music 2021)

reading between lines that have never been written (music 2021)

Gardy Loo!Vol. 2, #1 (October 1997):
Marc's prose piece "Don't Worry L____, He'll End Up In Hell Someday", short story "Don't Make It Feel Like Slavery, Jon", and an art show review titled "In the Funkhouse the Women Come & Go Talking of the Avant-Garde Show" were all included.

hand catches fire (music 2021)

Author photo from Drowning In Sand: