J. Marc Harding

drinkin in the apocalypse (2020)

In November 2020, Marc released an album of songs inspired by the 2020 lockdowns titled "drinkin in the apocalypse" by drivin al folked up 

"drinkin in the apocalypse" by drivin al folked up was recorded between April and October in 2020 and released on November 12, 2020. Marc wrote, performed and recorded the songs in his home near Richmond, Virginia. The album contains 18 songs in approx 53 minutes about, you guessed it, drinking in the apocalypse. You can download a free copy from SoundCloud.


"drinkin in the apocalypse" Song sequence: 

1. 'pocalypse party

2. drinking away the virus today

3. get your mask on (we've got to get beer)

4. do you ever feel like it's all too real?

5. drinkin in the apocalypse

6. i don't know what i thought would happen

7. the summer of bad news

8. i hope the summer comes (and takes it all away)

9. i'm not inspired by it

10. i'm hoping for another lockdown

11. i dreamed you'd never take off your mask

12. not going to miss this

13. i'm only drinking thru the lockdown

14. why do i feel so lost i know exactly where i am

15. i think i got it (or maybe i got too stoned)

16. just one more week til it's over

17. (quarantined in) virginia

18. mourning weather 

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